Stories & Songs by Linda

"Little pony was galloping high....high, high, high as the sky..." Away little fingers poked at an old typewriter sitting on the dining room table. Perched on her knees in order to reach the keys, Linda searched for each letter as poetry, interesting characters and songs whirled through her head. Influenced by the creative talents of her mother, who was a professional singer, song writer and recording artist, Linda never gave up her passion for writing stories and songs. (view more)

Current Books

Whodilly Wiggilly


Insight into the true meaning of friendship, even through change. (view more)

C.A.B.I.T the Amazing Rabbit


Keep wonder alive! (view more)

There's No I in We


The true meaning of teamwork (view more)

Stories Coming Soon

My Best Friend Cody


Fears and frolics of first school experiences. (view more)

The Bird that Barked


Being different can lead to greatness. (view more)

Mantids on Parade (in production - part 1 sample)


Fulfill your dream - then start again 

Dreams are forever, without an end... (view more)