Linda Mason

"Little pony was galloping high....high, high, high as the sky..." Away little fingers poked at an old typewriter sitting on the dining room table. Perched on her knees in order to reach the keys, Linda searched for each letter as poetry, interesting characters and songs whirled through her head. Influenced by the creative talents of her mother, who was a professional singer, song writer and recording artist, Linda never gave up her passion for writing stories and songs.

Linda went on to receive a BA in Psychology and an MS in Education. She is certified in the primary grades, special education and reading endorsement. She recently retired from the Volusia County School system where she taught special education and reading for 20 years. 

Being engaged in education for over 30 years has given Linda the opportunity to feel the pulse of children's eagerness to learn, as well as discover their vulnerabilities and embrace their spontaneity. This has inspired her to create stories and songs that capture feelings from the inside out while developing skills and self concepts from the outside in.  

Linda's son, Jeffrey Mason, who is a talented musician and song writer in his own right, is collaborating with her to create a web site which will showcase their work. Presently, you can get to : to see updates on three of Linda's short stories in present development at Taylor and Seale Publishing. 

Ask yourself,  WHERE IS WIGGILLY?